A fantastic option for a clean modern look. I use the Evans Easyflex track which is really discrete and glides effortlessly even with heavy curtains. The track can be bent to shape to allow you to dress the curtains in whatever shape you need which is great for ever increasing variety of window and door set ups and allows you to optimise the views.

The doors top left opened to the left so putting the track all the way round with the curtain stacking to the right meant the door would open but at night you can get the full impact of the curtains on all sides.

It's also great for bay windows and windows with views where you want the curtains to sit back from the window and clear the glass easily.

It can also be used in conjunction with a pole as can be seen on the left where there was a double height ceiling and had to be wall fixed so the pole with the track inserted was going to be a more attractive option from the view from the floor above. Borders are a great way to add a wee bit of interest and colour and can be done either vertically or horizontally as can be seen below.

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